Orchestrating Your Wealth

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The rhythm of the financial market

Our Investment Solutions

Based on our many years of experience, Maestro has developed a wide repertoire of solutions to cater for your investment needs. We manage money in South Africa and abroad; across different types of assets. We are confident in our ability to find a solution for you, irrespective of whether you are part of a collective solution i.e. where your assets form part of a larger portfolio such as a unit trust or retirement annuity fund, or whether the assets are registered in your name, or your trust’s name, in its own, separate (segregated) portfolio.

We have found it is easier to group our solutions into three separate categories, each of which have their own unique needs and characteristics.

  • Private clients (read more)
  • Charities and Non-profit organizations (NPOs) (read more)
  • Institutional clients (read more)

Private clients

Maestro was initially established to be of service to private clients. More than
ten years later we've extended our services to serve the investment needs of
institutional clients and charities. However, we still love meeting with
individuals and assisting them with their financial affairs.

We do not sell 'products' or generate income from selling you products. We start
with a clean sheet and work together with you to ascertain your specific needs and
create a unique composition for you. We then use our experience and expertise to
help orchestrate your wealth using a combination of the following services:

Local portfolio management

We can manage a local portfolio of assets, including shares (equities), in a manner that works for you. The exact composition of your investment portfolio will depend on your unique needs and your appetite for risk. We find that most of our clients want to generate capital growth in order to provide for their retirement, or simply to invest excess capital over time. We can help you with your investments by managing them either by investing in the share market, or through a combination of shares and cash. Once we have familiarised ourselves with your circumstances, we will recommend a solution for you, determined by how much capital you have to invest.

The costs of investing directly on the share market dictate that you need at least R5m of investable capital before a segregated (separate) portfolio is viable. A segregated portfolio simply means that the assets are registered in your name or in the name of your investing entity, such as a trust or company. If you do not have that much to invest, we can certainly still help you, initially by recommending that you combine your capital with that of others in a cost-efficient investment vehicle such as a unit trust.

The performance of the segregated equity portfolios under our management can be viewed by clicking here while the details and specific returns of our equity unit trust, the Maestro Equity Prescient Fund, can be viewed by clicking here.

All good music compositions start with a first note. Start off your unique composition by talking to us. In this way we can deliver the best performance together.

You can get hold of us by clicking here.

Global portfolio management

We can manage a global portfolio of assets, including equities, in a manner that works for you. Maestro has the ability to manage money offshore via our offshore unit trust, Central Park Global Balanced Fund, and by means of portfolios that invest directly into the world's major equity markets. When one invests capital offshore the starting requirements increase. We require at least $100 000 to invest into our offshore unit trust, Central Park Global Balanced Fund, or $500 000 for a global equity portfolio where we invest directly into global equity markets.

The performance of the global equity portfolio under our management – the equity portfolio of Central Park Global Balanced Fund can be viewed by clicking here. Details and specific returns of our offshore unit trust, Central Park Global Balanced Fund, can be found by clicking here .

It is important to note that Central Park Global Balanced Fund has not been approved by the South African regulator, the Financial Services Board, for sale to the retail public. We are, however, authorized to use the Fund internally and make it available to all Maestro clients.

You can get hold of us by clicking here.

Money Market and Cash Management

We have the ability to manage your cash and are able to achieve above-average rates of interest for your benefit, without assuming any excessive or additional risk. We are typically able to secure interest rates higher than those prevailing at most banks. The process of establishing which investment strategy is best for you is exactly the same; irrespective of whether your capital ends up in the share market or in cash, we will compose a unique strategy for you in order to orchestrate your wealth.


We have a wide repertoire of reliable solutions to meet your retirement needs. Whether you require advice when planning for retirement or if you are about to retire, we can deliver quality assistance from a team dedicated to helping you retire comfortably and with the assurance that your capital will not be exposed to unnecessary risk.   The most important aspect of retirement is planning ahead. At Maestro we can ensure you have the best chance of retiring comfortably and securely. In order to do that, we can help you implement an effective plan ahead of your retirement, as well as assist you in deciding where to invest your capital once you have retired.

We have a range of trusted solutions, from Retirement Annuities (RAs) to Living Annuities and Preservation Funds, which will help you achieve your goals. Our solutions are reliable and cost-effective and our monthly reports will keep you informed about how your capital is performing.

If you have existing Retirement Annuities, Living Annuities or Preservation Funds we will gladly evaluate them to determine whether or not they are appropriate for your needs, and whether or not you are being charged excessive fees (unfortunately often the case). This process is seamless and will not require much from you, but could potentially save you a very large amount of unnecessary expenditure.

You can get hold of us by clicking here.

Charities and non-profit organisations

Some of our most rewarding experiences come from engaging with charities
and non-profit organisations and assisting them in the management and
custodianship of their assets. At Maestro, we actively look for opportunities to
give back to the communities in which we operate. Over the years we have built
up a highly appreciated base of charities as clients.

The fact that we adopt a conservative, measured stance in our investment
activities suits the investment profiles of charities and non-profit organisations.
We offer segregated and collective investment solutions, but prefer
to compose a unique arrangement once we have analysed a particular
organisation’s specific needs. We also typically offer non-profit organisations and
charities a significantly discounted management fee.

You can contact us now in respect of this service offering by clicking here

Institutional clients

Maestro has been providing investment services to retirement funds since mid-2009 although our team’s experience in this arena predates the establishment of Maestro. We offer a wide range of investment solutions to institutional clients, be they retirement funds, medical aid schemes, short and long-term insurance funds, or any other pool of assets that is institutional in nature.

The final solution offered to clients is a function of their specific needs and the mandate we are awarded. Our solutions are grouped into taxed and untaxed categories and can be either a pooled or a segregated solution.

Our Pooled Investment Offerings

Maestro currently offers the following pooled investment offerings, each of which carry a slightly different risk profile while all still being managed in a conservative fashion:

Pooled Cash Management

Pooled Equity Product  Our pooled equity investment offering takes the form of the
Maestro Equity Prescient Fund.

Pooled Risk-Profiled Balanced Funds  Although all our pooled funds are managed conservatively, the primary differentiator between the risk-profiled funds is the extent of their equity market exposure. We currently offer four different pooled risk-profiled investment funds:

Pooled Maestro Growth Fund
Pooled Maestro Balanced Fund
Pooled Maestro Cautious Fund
Pooled Maestro Enhanced Cash Fund

The risk profiled funds, which are Regulation 28 compliant, are accessed via a life policy, while the pooled cash and pooled equity fund are accessed via unit trust Funds.

Unconventional, personal level of service.

Our Segregated Investment Offerings

Maestro currently offers the following segregated investment offerings:

Segregated Cash Management  Maestro has the ability to manage cash and achieve above-average interest rates for the benefit of our institutional clients without assuming any excessive or additional risk.

Segregated Equity Product  The management of segregated equity portfolios formed the basis on which Maestro was conceived and built. We have subsequently developed a respectable track record over a lengthy period, details of which can be reviewed under Our Performance Track Record. We have a long history of achieving above-average returns whilst at the same time doing so without assuming as much risk as that which is present in the market as a whole.

Segregated Balanced Funds  The returns of segregated balanced funds depend on the detail of the investment mandate we are awarded. Nevertheless it is fair to say that we are open to receiving balanced mandates and are confident in our ability to meet the needs of our clients and to manage their assets in a responsible and conservative manner.

Maestro is able to assist any institutional client with the management of their investments and is ideally placed to help Trustees with their investment programme  Maestro’s core competencies are our abilities:

  •  to manage money i.e. our investment skills,
  •  to deliver excellent and professional service, and
  •  to do so in a personal and direct manner.

On this basis, then, we are more than capable of managing institutional assets. We have an exceptional track record Our Performance Track Record of managing investments both locally and in a global environment.

In addition, we are more than willing to engage with Trustees or Custodians of any fund in order to assist them with any investment aspect of their investment program.

Within the Maestro team, Andre Joubert is the point of contact for new clients interested in Maestro’s institutional offering; he can be reached on andre@maestroinvestment.co.za or on
+27 82 900 1289.

Maestro investment philosophy and approach

A combination of the art and science of investment underpins the Maestro
philosophy and approach, which is why the metaphor of music describes our
ethos so well. If you would like to read more about how the art and science
of music relate to investment management, you can do so by clicking here.