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Our Community

Maestro takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously and is committed to playing as much of a role in its national and regional community as possible. To that end, Maestro has actively pursued a number of activities where it believes it can drive change and empower individuals.


Maestro is committed to playing its part in transforming the South African investment profession into one that is representative of the demographics of the country and which recognises South Africa's history of segregation.  Maestro seeks to rectify South Africa’s past through empowerment, the transfer of skills and through the creation of opportunities within the areas it operates.

In March 2014, the Maestro Board of Directors adopted a firm commitment to transform Maestro through a number of initiatives and across all levels of the firm. The two main areas in which this commitment to transformation will occur is at the shareholder level and therefore also the constitution of the Board, and through the Maestro Graduate School of Learning.

The Maestro Graduate School of Learning

In 2014 Maestro launched its Graduate School of Learning, an initiative through which it creates opportunities and empowers black South African graduates through the transfer of skills. Each candidate will be rotated through the firm in a multi-faceted programme that will take place over the course of several years.   Mentoring and the transfer of skills has always been a key component of Maestro’s ethos and culture. It is the way in which the firm was built and we believe it is the way in which the firm can increase capacity, empower individuals and their respective families and thereby benefit the community.

We are committed to creating wonderful opportunities for all our graduates. Graduates work alongside Maestro professionals at all times, assisting them in their tasks and learning along the way. They are rotated through the firm in order to learn the various aspects of our profession, over a period of three years. At all times candidates are treated as colleagues and fellow professionals.

The Graduate School of Learning empowers its candidates on multiple levels, including:

Skills transfer: candidates are taught about every aspect of our business, working alongside Maestro investment professionals.
Regulation: candidates are conducted through the necessary regulatory framework, with a view to them writing the Regulatory Exams up to a Key Individual status, which will effectively enable them to start up and run their own investment firm.
Academic: continuous learning is another key element of the Maestro ethos, so candidates are encouraged to study further. Some of Maestro’s team members have completed their CFA qualification and they will encourage and assist candidates to do the same. In addition, Maestro will encourage the graduates to complete any other relevant course that it feels is appropriate.
Other: the School of Learning is not confined to the above facets. We are open to looking at all opportunities, providing they will further develop our candidates into consummate investment professionals and ultimately benefit the Maestro community.

Mentoring and the transfer of skills has always been
a key component of Maestro’s ethos and culture.

Maestro currently has one candidate in its School of Learning programme.

Athabile Matshotyana
Athabile matriculated from Nyanga High School, Cape Town, in 2003. He completed a Higher Certificate in Business Administration in 2011 and subsequently began his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at TSiBA Education University in Cape Town. He began his internship with Maestro in July 2014, which will form part of his degree, and he hopes to Graduate from TSiBA in November 2014.

The Maestro Charitable Trust

The Maestro Charitable Trust was established in 2012 with the specific purpose of benefitting specific communities. Currently, Maestro has a list of selected beneficiaries, although we are open to increasing this list, subject to certain criteria. The Maestro Charitable Trust is committed to assisting beneficiaries, primarily Non-Profit Organisations, in the following areas:

Community transformation

Present beneficiaries of the Maestro Charitable Trust include:


Donations are actively encouraged and always welcome. You can make a donation at any time by contacting us on info@maestroinvestment.co.za you can transfer funds electronically into the Trust’s bank account, details of which are listed below.

Bank: Investec Bank
Account name: The Maestro Charitable Trust
Account number: 50006240489
Branch code: 580105
Reference: (Name of depositor)
Account type: CCM call money fund

Alternatively, we will be happy to discuss any donation with you at any stage. You can download a Donation form by clicking here. We specifically encourage regular donations, no matter how small, on the basis of our belief that if we all gave just a little bit, then together we can achieve a great deal.

All donations qualify for a Section 18 tax certificate, meaning that all donations are tax deductible in the donor’s hands.